League of Legends 

Online Tournament

A League of League!

Registration Information

  • $200 per team to register - $40 per player

  • Registration closes May 17th

  • 8 weeks of swiss. Best of one matches

  • Cuts to top 8, single elimination playoffs after 8 weeks.

  • Prize pool based on participation.

  • Multiple games will be broadcast each week at twitch.tv/calgary_esports

  • No limits on number of teams.

Each Thursday teams will face off online against their designated opponent in best of one match.

Replays will then be submitted to CEL to be used for the broadcast show, which will also take place every week. After 8 weeks of swiss a top 8 will be decided and playoff will begin. Best of one games will be played in standard competitive format, with a pick/ban phase preceding the action.


All teams will be provided with a toornament.com link where they can find applicable match and standings information.

Prize pool will be based on participation.

Teams who do not login for their matches will be given a game loss.

Replays must be submitted by the winning team. Here is a tutorial video on how to get your .rofl file.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEQpaPmbUp0

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